Who are we and what do we do?


We love kids!

of all ages, and art, and reading, and books

.... and people who read books to kids!!

We like writing and drawing and painting for all to enjoy.


Susan Pace-Koch

Susan Pace-Koch was born in Alaska, raised in Washington and now resides in California, where she enjoys hiking and kayaking. Being in, on, and around the water and mountains is where she feels she can appreciate some of the best parts of all three beautiful states. A trip to the Grand Canyon gave her an idea that she 'couldn't get out of her head'.

Get Out Books creates delightful books that take children outside of their normal realm, and into their imaginations. Books published by Get Out Books are enjoyed by the parents and grandparents as much as the kids, thanks to Susan's careful selections of the just the right artist for each book.

Awards:"Best Book" Get Out Of My Head, I Should Go To Bed
granted by the Bay Area Independent Publishing Association.
Recognition:A Pie for A Pig chosen to be included in the Sun Gallery Exhibit for the 25th Annual Children's Book Illustrator Exhibit.

Jack Wiens:  "In One Ear and Out The Other", "A Pie for a Pig", "The Four Bears"

Jack Wiens
Jack Wiens used to lay in the floor and fill tablets with his pencil drawings when he was a grade schooler and dreamed of being a Disney artist someday. Illustrating books was also a dream, one which has come true. He works full-time in his home studio creating pictures for children's books. "It's a joy!" Jack says, "It's like getting to be a kid again!"
"I love helping people and really love bringing smiles with my art," he says. He has 3 grandchildren who have done a lot of drawing and painting with him and still enjoy it. Jack now resides in Oregon and is busily keeping up with illustration requests! Jack loves the outdoors, hiking, biking, tennis, animal watching, exploring tide pools, snorkeling. 
Website:  External link opens in new tab or windowjackwiens.com

Emily Stepp:  "The Raven and the Mouse" (coming soon), StoryBook Spoon Art

Jack Wiens
Emily Stepp is a fine artist and illustrator currently residing in Idaho.  Originally born and raised in a small Indiana town, much of her art is influenced by that experience.  She received her BFA with distinction from California College of the Arts and majored in illustration.  Her awards include 1st place at the 2007 State Beta Drawing Competition and 1st place in the painting category at the 2015 Markham Art for the Trees Contest.  She also has donated original artwork to North Central High School in Farmersburg, Indiana and the public library in Concord, California.  She loves painting fantastical subjects in a realistic and fun way.  Her main goal is to engage the viewer and communicate through her work.      
She has re-created the art of storytelling with StoryBook Spoon Art,  on display at various art venues.   Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Mermaid and the Moon, Red Riding hood, are currently part of the Spoon Art Collection.  
Website:  External link opens in new tab or windowemilystepp.com

Tracie Timmer:  "The Mermaid and the Moon"

Jack Wiens
Tracie was born and raised in the Bay Area of California. She spent the majority of her free time as a child drawing mermaids and horses on every bare surface she could get her hands on, and as an adult decided she had make her dream of becoming a children's book Illustrator a reality. She graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2013 with a Master of Fine Arts degree in illustration. She considers herself a creative critical thinker, and loves the process of making the spark of an idea come alive with a paintbrush.

Tracie is an illustrator for Get Out Books and works in museum education. Her creations involve a bit of magic and Dragons and Horses, which will become part of the Greeting and Grins card series. She is also working on a new children's picture book, "The Mermaid and the Moon", ready this fall.
Website:  External link opens in new tab or windowTTillustrations.com.

Jeremy Kwan:   Get Out Of My Head, I Should Go To Bed"

Jack Wiens
Jeremy is a native Californian, raised in central California. He chose an art career early in life and is able to do what he does best! A drawing becomes finished art and he makes the pages come to life! The characters jump out of his mind and right onto the pages!

Jeremy Kwan, a San Francisco State University graduate, with a B.A. Degree in Fine Arts, Illustrates for Get Out Books, which specializes in children's picture books. Kwan's first published work was "Get Out Of My Head, I Should Go To Bed", which captured the BAIPA "Best Book" award. This stunning book was selected by Sun Gallery for inclusion on the 24th Annual Children's Book Illustrators Exhibit.  Mr. Kwan has shown his signature work in San Francisco Bay Area art locations. 
AWARDS: "Best Book". 2012.   B.A.I.P.A.

Lisa Colom

Lisa Colom is known across the United States for her custom needle felted sculptures. Each of her distinctive pieces is created using a single needle felting method. Using a barbed felting needle, she works the fibers until the sculpture holds a desired shape and stands on its own. She uses natural and hand dyed local wool in the one of a kind pieces, utilizing alpaca, mohair, merino wool or silk for accents and details.www.merrymanias.com/

Lisa has created Fiber Art of the 12 Pigs in "A Pie for a Pig", a picture book published by Get Out Books. These fiber art creations will be available for museum and art galleries. Please contact the office for arrangements for the displays. They are in 3 protective clear display cases. Approximately 4ft. long, 15" high.

Patty Arnold

Patty Arnold loves books (she has a house full) and loves designing books! When not at the computer, she is pursuing her interests as a landscape photographer exploring the world by land, and air. She might also be found painting and drawing or tap dancing. Her photographic interests include documenting endangered landscapes.  Books in her library inspired many of her photographic explorations and she feels that it is through books that the world and universe unfold. Her design work can be viewed at External link opens in new tab or windowwww.menageriedesign.net and her photography on External link opens in new tab or windowwww.pattyarnold.com.